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The Gainesville Neon & Signs service team is trained in the cosmetic and electrical repair of all types of signs. We'll not only repair the lighting components of your sign but also perform structural repairs and replace broken sign faces.

Services and repairs

Complete services from a team you can trust

  • Parking lot light repairs

  • Illuminated sign repairs

  • Damaged sign structure repairs

  • Neon repairs - efficient repairs in our on-site neon factory

  • Face replacements - reimaging your business name or logo or replacing due to being blown out by storms and high winds

Our service and installation teams are considered some of the best in Florida. They provide reliable installation, service, and repair for all signs - both local and national.


From the initial design to the very last bolt, you can count on our team to provide you with all services when it comes to neon and signs!

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Comprehensive service and repair for your signs

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